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CP of Pakistan: 3/24/21 4:51 PM 
Red salute to Bhagat Singh 

Shaheed Bhagat Singh is the shining star of the freedom struggle of the Indian subcontinent who 90 years ago today the 23rd of March sacrificed his life for the freedom of Indian (subcontinent) from British Imperialism. Comrade Bhagat Singh's ideology is getting stronger with each passing day. Young people in India, whether they belong to the Left Party or any other democratic party, consider Comrade Bhagat Singh as their hero and adorn the pictures of Bhagat Singh on their chests, but alas, the son of freedom , Shaheed Bhagat Singh in Pakistan Couldn't find the place he deserves. As Bhagat Singh is not a Muslim, his anniversary is not officially celebrated and there is no school, college, park or road named in his memory after him. The government has not taken care of his house, nor has it included it in the national heritage. 

Bhagat Singh's movement was primarily a movement for the independence of the subcontinent and the struggle against British imperialism, as a result of which the feet of British imperialism began to erode from the land of the subcontinent and they had to leave, resulting in the emergence of Pakistan. It is obvious that Bhagat Singh has the same and important role in the independence of Pakistan as he had in-the independence of India. 

Comrade Bhagat Singh's views should be understood by everyone as he clearly stated that no religion is greater than humanity and that my act of terrorism was to expose the British oppression in the subcontinent and of its people and to let the fear of British imperialism is broken. 

Comrade Shaheed Bhagat Singh said that the war of independence is not complete unless the system can be changed. Revolution and freedom without the change of the system is incomplete independence. 

In his statements and writings, Bhagat Singh made it clear that the revolution could not be carried out by terrorism or by killing some people, not by killing all the members of parliament, but by the organized mass uprising. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we have to pledge today, on the occasion of the day of martyrdom of Comrade Bhagat Singh that we will organize the working class of Pakistan for the revolution and to bring a system where there should be no discrimination of any color, race, religion, sex, nation, a system in which it is the responsibility of the state to provide treatment, education, employment and home to every citizen. Private ownership must be abolished. 

Long live Comrade Bhagat Singh 

Long live the revolution! 

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