Comrade Siddiquw Baig died

With the demise of Comrade Siddique Baig, General Secretary of the Railway Workers Union, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Pakistan, the party and the trade union movement lost their brave ally.  Comrade Siddique Baig joined the Communist Party in 1982, and has been active in trade unions since the 1970s.  Due to his active role in trade unions, Comrade Baig faced disciplinary action at the departmental and governmental levels several times during the tenure of General Zia and General Musharraf.  Gorbachev's anti-Marxist anti-revolutionary policies led to three disruptions in the Communist Party, and his teachers left the party due to ideological distortions.  Became more active than , The Communist Party of Pakistan salutes its fearless, brave and outspoken speaker for his services to the party and the workers.  The party shares the grief with his family and trade union comrades. 

 Imdad Qazi

 Secretary General

 Communist Party of Pakistan

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