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CP of Pakistan, International Human Rights Day: Fascism, State Oppression, &Human rights violationsin Balochistan, Pakistan

12/27/22 3:22 PM

International Human Rights Day: Fascism, State Oppression, &Human rights violationsin Balochistan, Pakistan

(Comrade Imdad Qazi, General Secretary Communist Party of Pakistan)

On international human rights day, a conference was organized by “The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons” in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan, in which Comrade Imdad Qazi, the general secretary of the communist party of Pakistan, delivered the keynote address.

International human rights day is celebrated on the 10th of December; people across the world derive the meaning of this day according to their deprivation of fundamental human rights which are willfully debarred, like a right to have education, health, clean water, hospitalization, religious and cultural freedom, etc. We believe these fundamental human rights are a must and must be given without discrimination. But the question of international human rights day is entirely different for the people of Balochistan because their understanding of this day is narrowed down only to a single point, i.e., to raise their voice to know the whereabouts of their beloved ones who are covertly disappeared by the state agencies. Although their other deprivations in the context of education, health, clean water, food, employment, national identity, etc., are very much present in the ultimate deteriorated form. But the issue of the forced disappearance faced by the people of Balochistan has put behind all such deprivations.    

The state is a claimant to the existence of democracy in Pakistan. Still, on the other hand, it has bulldozed all fundamental human rights by illegally disappearing and detaining the people of Balochistan without giving any right to the doors of justice in the courts. Have they committed any sin when they demand that their resources in Balochistan are spent on them rather than plundered by the imperialists and their puppets in uniforms who have made a fortune through plundering these resources and have established financial empires in western countries of Europe and the USA?Are they at fault for questioning the intentional debarment of the rights of employment, education, clean water, medical and basic infrastructure? Despite answering and addressing these demands, the people of Balochistan disappeared, and the list of these missing persons kept increasing with time.These missing persons are unlawfully imprisoned for years by denying their right to seek justice, and then we find their unidentified corpses in the wilderness and in the mass graves. The concept of the state as a mother has been tarnished, and it has become a witch hunt. Missing persons must have the right to be brought to the courts and trialed, where they let everyone know what and why they are being compelled to revolt.The Pakistani state must not forget that such denials in the history of the world always proved otherwise upon revolution, and those responsible for committingsuch heinous crimes had been dug from their crimes and hanged as the revenge of a common man always is always bloody.

Such movements never die because of killing and forced disappearance,as people of these movements never surrender, which is very evident that despite state atrocities, imprisonments, tortures, and a terrorized wave of forced disappearance, the youth in great numbers are joining the movement. We, the communist party of Pakistan, are in full solidarity with our Baloch brothers and sisters in their fight against state oppression. We believe that the major responsibility lies on the shoulders of Punjab because If the people and the working class of Punjab stand against state oppressions and the ruling class mafia, then not only the present system of exploitation can be overturned, but all forms of the state oppressions can be eliminated. A similar wave of state oppression and forced disappearance can be witnessed in other parts of the country with different levels of sensitivity and severity. People are raising their voices against human rights violations by state machinery in Sind, KPK, GB, and Kashmir, where resources are continuously plundered, and people are denied fundamental rights similar to what has been happening in Balochistan since 1947. Speak with missing persons and their families; all have the same understanding and conviction that the businessmen generals of the state are the sole responsible for their predicament, and these businessmen generals run the state apparatus as the mafia runs. The sole intent is to earn dollars and create wealth in the western world,which is linked to their performance as puppets to protect the interests of the imperialist forces. It is the need of time that we also readjust ourselves where exploited classes of Pakistan are to be united against these oppressor forces on the principles of scientific ideals of Marxism and Leninism because the people of Pakistan from Punjab, KPK, Sind, Balochistan, GB, and Kashmir have the common enemy whose apparatus of the exploitation is same and to fight against the ideology of socialism is the only key to the liberations from the oppression and guarantees the fundamental human rights for which this day is being commemorated. 

We believe that one day, the people of Pakistan shall learn from the revolutionary struggle of Chile, Argentina, and Columbia, where the iron hands had dealt similar oppressions by the people of these countries by upholding the ideology of socialism. The dictators and rented uniformed mercenaries of imperialists of these countries were made examples for the rest of the world. These Pakistani generals are aware of this fact, which is why they keep their wealth and families abroad and immediately shift outside Pakistan as soon as they retire. What would have been in their thoughts if their families could have appealed on all India radio in the same way Baloch families are doing today when the Pakistan military was imprisoned in Bangladesh after an undignified surrender at the hands of the people of Bangladesh?Eight-year son of a slain Sindi missing person refuses to accept condolence but promises revenge, and similar emotions aresoaring fast across Pakistan. Suppose they are not developmentally disabled. In that case, they must learn these explained lessons of history and immediately stop all forms of oppression and release the missing persons across Pakistan, especially in Balochistan, which is heavily affected by this virus. The people of Balochistan have no trust in any court or commission established so far just for the eye wash; we have seen these failing repeatedly. We believe that the time has come to wage a revolutionary struggle by encircling the so-called parliamentarians and the businessmen generals. This revolutionary struggle is imminent, provided we unite and revolt, and only revolt will guarantee the remedy against all forms of the exploitation of oppression. But revolt without a revolutionary ideology shall never bring any change but chaos,and it is only the ideology of Marxism and Leninism that guides such revolts to bring meaningful fruits to the exploited and oppressed classes.

The communist party of Pakistan shall remain standing with Baloch brothers and sisters and demand that missing persons be released; otherwise, produce in the courts and immediately stop the bloodshed, forced disappearance, torture, and plundering of the resources of the people of Balochistan.    

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