Youth of the world gathered in Athens

From 21st to 26th of September, 2021 delegations from 24 countries from all over the world gathered in Athens, Greece  to celebrate the Odigitis Festival of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE).

The delegation  of Democratic Students Fedration (DSF)  and Democratic Youth Front (DYF) comprised of comrade Saqib Baloch and comrade Mushtaq Ali Shan attended the event. 

The delegation enjoyed this impressive political-cultural event, met the fraternal  delegates and discussed the current situation of the youth of Greece and different countries.

The event was graced with the participation of the delegation of World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).

The international delegations discussed the situation of education, the struggle of the students in their respective countries in the current situation and the role we should play to raise the level of consciousness of classmates.

The president of WFDY, Aritz Rodríguez Galán, took part in it, reaffirming that, as we said in our 20th General Assembly, "education is a strategic matter for peoples struggling to emancipate themselves from the exploitive system".

Comrade Giorgos Marinos, member of the Polit Bureau Communist Party of Greece (KKE) visited the booth of DSF & DYF during the festival.

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) thanks the Communist Youth of Greece and its Party, the KKE, for the hospitality during this international event.

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